Angels & Animals: Life, Death and Rebirth

molly backyardMolly Returns Home Again: Molly’s story starts several years ago, around 2003. I received an email with her picture on it that read “7 Year Old Blind Dog Needs a Home”. The story went on to say that Molly’s person became ill, had gone into hospice and could no longer care for Molly. Molly had this big, beautiful smile and I connected to her immediately. I knew she would come to our home eventually, but my husband wasn’t quite ready to add another dog to our family. After seeing several emails over the course of 2 weeks and no one else was interested in giving Molly a home, we went and got her.

We brought her home wondered how we would help acclimate a blind dog to a new home. We led her into our house; she immediately went to work sniffing all around the house and backyard. She sniffed everything. We noticed that she was using her breath to determine how far away objects, walls and furniture were. She knew the layout of the house and backyard after that one day. That was it, she was home.

She really was amazing at how she navigated around the house. She could even jump up on the sofa in one leap and use her nose to flip all the throw pillows off onto the floor, so she had a nice unobstructed place to lie down. She also told me that she wanted a blue sparkly collar. We took her to the store and let her sniff a green, a pink and a blue rhinestone collar. She picked the blue one by placing her paw on it and when we put it on her, she smiled.

When she came to us, she had a pretty bad mouth infection which was diagnosed as lymphoplasmacytic gingivitis. She was allergic to her teeth. We tried for quite a while to help her with medication, but it became necessary to have her teeth removed. The morning of her surgery, we awoke to find her waiting at the garage door next to her leash, ready for us to take her to the dental surgeon and she recovered in record time.

In 2008, she left us. She said it was time for her to merge back into spirit, her body was shutting down. We honored her wishes and helped her cross over. I remember her clearly saying that she would return to us again someday. And that is where this story really begins.

Stay tuned for the next segment of Molly’s story to be posted soon.

With blessings and tail wags, Debbie

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