Sample Animal Communications

These are real excerpts from sessions that I have done. The names of the animals and people have been changed.

Bella (dog)

I have been working long hours at work for a couple of weeks and this will continue for several weeks, so I’m later picking her up at school or coming home.  I want her to know it is not my choice – I would rather spend more time with her (it’s the cruel human life).
She was awake when I connected with her. It looked like she was in your chair and then ran and jumped up on the couch. She laid down, but with her heard up and was very attentive.
I explained that you are having to work longer hours the next few weeks and would be later in picking her up from school or coming home. She sent me a picture back that she understood that it might be dark when you pick her up or get home. She doesn't like it either, but she is not upset or mad at you. She tells me she understands and will not worry about you.
Tomorrow she will go to school for half a day and I will pick her up and spend a few hours with her and then have to leave again for a dinner meeting and not be home until 9:00 or later (again, it is not my preference or choice).
Oh she is happy about this. She shares with me that she will be looking forward to tomorrow. Do you know if they are a slide at the daycare? It sure looks like it as she is sending me an image of something that looks like a slide.
I explained that you will then need to go back into work and will be home when it is really dark. She confirmed that she understands.
I may have to work Saturday, which is one of our “together” days.
She tells me she had a feeling about this or she thought she picked that up from you. Can she have the TV on or some music to keep her company when you are away later or when it is dark?
I just want her to know this is temporary and that I wish I could have more time with her instead.
She wants you to know that she is happy that you are telling her and that she feels the same way. More time with you is better. But she tells me she understands this is for a short period of time and she will be okay. She does not want you to worry about it either.
I don’t want her to be upset or stressed over it.
Okay, she tells me she understands and will be okay. But she also tells me she will miss you! Big time!
Praise her for using her potty pads – she’s a good and big girl!
I thanked her for you and told her you were very happy about her using the potty pads. She sent me back an image of her smiling! She really loves it when you are happy with what she does!
Ask if she feels good and healthy and is happy.
Little bit of an itchy nose, on the inside of her nose. But she tells me she feels good and loves the cooler weather. The cooler weather makes her feel more energetic.
Is she still happy at school; any problems.

No, no problems and yes she likes it there. I think she is showing me that there is a new woman working there and she really likes her. Looks like she has dark hair.

Maggie (dog in spirit)

Has Maggie incarnated? If so, where is she and any directions on how to find her.
No she has not yet reincarnated. Although she is wanting to do so and is wanting to come back to you and your family. She has been around you a lot recently and has been letting you know that she wants to come back. You probably have been sensing this.
If not, does she have a plan? Any info you can get about her return to me would be awesome.
She would like to come back as a new puppy again. She really loves the idea of being a puppy, playing and having fun as a young one. She tells me she will do her best to make it easy to find her. She also wants you to know that you should not worry, you will be reunited and she will do her best to send you messages / clues as to direct you to her. She tells me that you should pay attention to any friend, co-worker or acquaintance that mentions that their dog or someone they knows dog is going to have puppy. This is most likely how you will reunite with her. When she is communicating this to me, she shows me a chain of events that will happen to get you to this point. It looks like a chain of three. Something like this you talk to someone you know and tell them you are on the look out for a puppy, they talk to someone else, who talks to someone else that has a dog who is having puppies. Looks like a man and two women are involved (it always amazes me how they can know all this, but I have been doing it long enough to trust the information I'm getting). She tells me that the Angels and she will guide you, so set an intention to her and see their messages. She also tells me to let other people know you are looking for her. She does want to be a girl again. So once you find the litter of puppies, then take a look at the girls. I've asked her if she knows what she is going to look like and she tells me no, but she is sending me an image of a black nose and it looks like white whiskers or light colored whiskers and perhaps a little bit of white fur around the nose. I know a black nose may not narrow it down, but then again it may. She also wants you to know that she is safe and is happy that she will be back with you. She tells me that most important thing you can do is to trust your own guidance system and connect with others. She is happy that she will be returning to you soon. She also tells me you should start the process now.


Rosebud (dog)

The first thing I noticed when I connected to Rosebud was the pain in her hips which radiated down her backside into her upper legs / thighs. This is especially pronounced on the back left side and it goes all the way down into her foot. There is pain radiating all the way down to the outer side of her back left foot. Also it radiates up the left side to the left side of her neck. This feels very achy and painful. I'm asking her to provide me with any other area that is bothering her and I do pick up some resistance in her throat or chest. But it feels like congestion to me. She does indicate that she gets congested in this area. It feels like an allergy to me because it is itchy on the inside. It feels to me like this precious girl has some pretty active joint inflammation, which may be arthritis. I asked her if this is what was causing her to not eat. She tells me yes. It was pretty bad a few days ago and she tells me it is worse sometimes then others. I started picking up on this when I first read your email, but thought it was something a viral infection, because her whole body felt achy; but now that I'm connected to her I can feel the specific areas in her body that are bothering her. And she is also confirming this information for me. You might want to check her food for anything that she may be allergic to. Allergies can certainly add to this type of issue. Can you muscle test her for the specific ingredients in her food or anything else she may be ingesting? Let me know if you have any other specific questions. Other then the congestion and the pain radiating up her neck, I did not pick up any other pain / issue in that area or in her mouth.

Star (horse)

I asked her why she argues so much when she's being ridden.  I started getting a myriad of emotions and thoughts and was having trouble sorting through them. So I asked her if she wanted to have fun and she said yes. She then said that it is hard for her to feel that she is with you to stay forever and it would be better to just get through the transition and move on. In other words, she doesn't believe that she will be able to stay with you and she thinks that it would be better just to move on now. She's afraid of growing to love you and then being moved again. She is also very upset because she feels that humans do not love her or accept her for who she is. She feels that she must do something in order to win their love. She also tells me that she is very easily able to read your thoughts and that you are not sure she will be staying with you. I will tell her that you want her to know that she has a forever home with you. She says that she understands that it what you want, but she tells me that she does not totally believe you've made up your mind about her. She does believe that you will take good care of her and that you are taking good care of her. She also believes that you would never hurt her. But she says that you expect her to perform and she doesn't feel she can fulfill your expectations. When she said perform, I believe what she meant was doing something, anything. Anytime I talked to her about being ridden or going for a trail ride, she got tense. She feels as though she must do something in order to be of value. She tells me she just wants to live and be happy without any expectations. I've seen this type of behavior before. When horses are beaten or hurt because they are not doing what their person wants them to do, they become highly sensitized to having to do something in order to get any affection, attention or even food and water. She seems to feel that the only way to gain true love and acceptance is to do want you want her to do. I'm sensing that the thing that may help her the most, is simply to let her be and just love her for a while. When she realizes that you accept her for who she is and not what she does, she may be able to fully engage in life / fun again. I hope that makes sense. It was interesting that when I asked her about fun, it was as if she really didn't understand what that was. I believe underneath her protective exterior she can sense your desire to help, keep her safe and wanting to have a relationship with her. She has just been so programmed that in order to get anything, she must give something.

Jace (cat)

Jace, where did you come from?
He confirms that he's been on his own for a while now and ran away or escaped from his previous home.  He wasn't happy where he was and he just keeps sending me an image of a kitchen with linoleum floor and a woven rug on the floor. He also is sending me an image of an older refrigerator and it looks like he stayed on top of it quite a bit. Apparently he escaped out the back door. He had to stay up high because there was a dog that bothered him. Looks like a very large black lab. He also tells me that he felt very drawn to find another home. Where he was, was not where he was meant to be.
This is not coming from Jace, but he feels very much to me like he's been with you before. He actively sought you out because he has been with you before in physical form. Although he doesn't seem to have access to that other life or those memories, he just seems to have a sense that he needs to be with you.
Jace, if you come to my house, will you be peaceful and respect the other kitties?
He tells me that he really wants to be with you and wants to be at your home. He wants your home to be his home. He's been through some scary situations, having to be on his own and fend for himself, so he's thinking it may take some time for him to adjust. He tells me that he will be respectful of the others at your home as long as they do not bother him.
Jace, are you/were you acquainted with my lovely deceased cat Jose'?

He tells me that he hasn't seen Jose' and is not familiar with him. However, after saying that he tells me that he knows you. He says that you feel very familiar to him and he believes that he's known you before. He doesn't seem to be able to connect to when or where he knows you from, but he says that you feel very familiar to him. I think it is very possible that Jace and Jose' are the same spirit. It feels that way to me, but Jace does not seem to have memory of Jose'. This can happen where an animal returns to their human family member but does not have memory of being with them previously. I currently have a dog, that was with me when I was younger, but she doesn't remember that time. I have another dog, that was with me before and when she was younger she had total recollection of her previous life with me; but over time it has faded. Jace seems to feel at home with you; but he feels like he went through a period of time that was pretty rough and he's recovering from that. As he heals he may show more signs of remembering who he was.