“Connecting You to the Ones You Love.”

Those of you who share your lives with a special animal companion, already communicate with them in one way or another. Usually, by talking directly to them or through your body language. Humans also have the ability to connect in another way, telepathically, which is the method animals use to communicate with each other. Animal Communication, specifically Telepathic communication is a way of exchanging information using pictures, thoughts, words, and feelings that flow between the minds of animals and humans.  As with any meaningful conversation the key is to listen and to open your heart and mind to receive the messages your animal friend sends during the conversation.

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Phoenix based Animal Communicator, Debbie Johnstone uses her natural empathic abilities, compassion, a sense of humor and a down to earth communication style to bring animals and their people closer together.   She communicates telepathically with all species of animals, both living and in spirit.  She works with animals on an intuitive level by tuning into their energy.  Animals do not have to be present for a successful or meaningful consultation.

Debbie canWhat do you want to tell me? help to resolve issues between animals and people–from litter box problems, helping abused animals heal from trauma, to assisting in times of loss and grief.  In many ways, animal communication is no different than communication between humans: sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sacred, sometimes it’s about major life issues, and sometimes it’s about issues of everyday life.  The only difference is that the conversation is carried out telepathically rather than verbally.

Debbie can assist you and your animal companion with:

~ Health questions or concerns.
~ Questions about their desires for comfort and contentment.
~ Questions or information about any aspects of your relationship.
~ Selecting or introducing a new animal into your family.
~ Relationship or behavior issues between multiple animals.
~ Puzzling or challenging behavior.
~ Achieving understanding for cooperation in competitive events.
~ Energy healing to assist in releasing resistant or negative energy patterns or illness.
~ Wishes in regards to dying (euthanasia) & communication after death (each animal is unique in what they request).

Animals are not just our pets but are our family members, our companions and our friends.  They are wonderfully intelligent, sentient beings.  They are teachers and they are healers.  They enrich our lives beyond imagination.

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