Meet Debbie

As a small child Debbie spent much of her time living in the world of nature, communicating and playing with animals, plants, insects and the earth. Being highly empathic she felt the emotional and physical well being of the humans and animals around her.  The desire to understand these gifts and the responsibilities involved, inspired her great interest over the years in animal communication, intuition and energy healing. She is especially passionate about assisting others in nourishing and awakening the relationship between the heart, body, mind and soul.

After leaving the corporate world which she worked in for more then 28 years, Debbie now spends her time further developing her animal communication, intuitive and healing abilities.  She has worked full-time as a Professional Animal Communication since 2003. She assists animals and their human companions daily and also volunteers at several local animal rescue organizations.

Debbie lovingly offers the intuitive information that she receives with the intent to empower those around her in the fulfillment of their dreams and the experience of the magic that exists in each precious living creature.  Debbie is also a practitioner of energy healing; a powerful subtle energy technique that assists in emotional, mental and physical healing.  At your request, Debbie will create a special consultation session containing both energy healing work and an animal communication consultation.

Debbie currently lives in Cave Creek, Arizona with David, her husband of 30 years and her animal family which consists of seven dogs and a bird.  They include four Pomeranians: Sugar, Angel, Mollie and Trinity, a Jack Russel/Dachshund mix named Bliss, a pug named Ellie, and a Shih Tzu/Pekingese mix named Diamond. Her feathered family includes: Barkley an Australian Rosella.

Debbie is now certified as an Emotion Code practitioner.  It works amazing on our animal companions too.

Emotion code for pets


“Connecting You to the Ones You Love.”