A message from Angel

MessageFromAngelJust recently, Angel, our senior dog asked us to help her transition. She was almost 13 and her body was shutting down. Before she left, she promised me she would stay in touch. She did exactly that; although it was sooner then I expected. The next morning following her transition as I went through the drive-through, my focus was inexplicably drawn to a red SUV next to me. I let the driver go in front of me in line, I’m not even sure why, I felt like I was being guided by an unseen force. The SUV looked so beautiful and shiny and the logo on the back seemed to be highlighted. I’m not a car person and never really look at cars. Red is one of my least favorite colors. But for some reason this vehicle brought me great joy. I remember smiling from ear to ear and felt really good while looking at it. My bill came to $3.03. When I got to the window to pay, the cashier told me that the woman in the red SUV in front of me paid my bill. I cried all the way to my appointment. I felt so blessed to receive such a wonderful gift. When I told my husband later in the day, he asked me to describe the logo and he said he was pretty sure it was an Acura. I looked it up and found the car and the logo, sure enough it was a big “A” in a circle. I knew then why I felt so good and was so drawn to the car, Angel was communicating from the other side. And oh by the way, the number 303, is an Angel number that means your Angels are communicating with you.

Our friends and loved ones on the other side, always want to connect with us and share their love. They ask us to keep our hearts and minds open to receive their messages.

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