Monthly Mentoring Webinars with Debbie

The Art of Animal and Spirit Communication Mentoring Webinars 2020
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Webinar content contained a “hands-on” mix of tips and techniques for communicating with animals (alive and in spirit), Guides and Angels.

Animal / Spirit Communication Process
Types of Telepathic Communication
Animals in Spirit
Tips for Clearer Communication
Spiritual Hygiene
Real Stories from the Other Side

Each session is standalone.

$28 per Webinar Recording

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1 – Types of Telepathic Communication
2 – Step-by-Step Animal & Spiritual Communication Process
3 – Spiritual Hygiene
4 – Intuitive Body Scan
5 – Energy Healing Techniques
6 – Tips & Techniques for Greater Trust & Clarity
7 – Accessing Your Akashic Records
8 – Connecting with Your Spirit Guides
9 – Animals on the Other Side
10 – Our Animal Companions and Reincarnation
11 – Tools & Tips for Increasing Your Clairvoyance (Spiritual Sight)

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