Angels & Animals: Life, Death and Rebirth: Part 3

Molly Returns Home Again: As soon as Molly knew we were ready for her to come back, she began telepathically sending us images of a tiny, black and very fluffy puppy. The image of the puppy that she sent us was very little, but Mollie-2015-10-03Molly had been a Chow/Australian Sheppard-mix and she weighed about 80 pounds. She shared that she wanted to be small this time, so she could play with her little sisters and be picked up, carried around and cuddled. She also said that she wanted to be a female again and that she would have eyes that worked really well. A few days passed before I heard from her again. That morning I woke up with a very strong urge to go to my computer and search through a specific website. And sure enough, as I browsed through the photos I found a tiny, black Pomeranian; which looked like the image of the puppy Molly shared with me earlier.

Spirit often communicates with us during our dream state, while we are sleeping. We are more open and less resistant while we sleep. You can recall your dreams or encounters with loved ones by simply setting an intention to remember your dreams, before falling asleep. And be sure to pay extra special attention to any urges you have when you first wake up, they may be nudges or messages from spirit.

We made arrangements to go see Molly in person, but I was unable to go. My mother was ill and I needed to take care of her. We decided to use Skype so I could see Molly and make sure it was her. I had started to have doubts, even though I followed her instructions. It just seemed too easy and too good to be true. I anxiously awaited David’s call. My phone rang and I could tell from his voice that he knew it was her. David just found out that she had only opened her eyes that morning. Yes, perfect timing. He picked her up and held her up to the screen so I could see her. At first, I just saw this little ball of fur. She was squirming around and I could not feel a connection. And then, she looked directly into the phone screen, her eyes locked with mine. I felt a jolt of emotion and recognition run through my body and tears started streaming down my face. That is when I knew for sure, it was Molly and she could not have done that if she hadn’t opened her eyes earlier in the day.

Later in reflecting back on the experience, I knew my soul had recognized her soul. My body reacted in a way that alerted me to know it was her. I always tell my clients that soul-to-soul recognition is really quite simple. You make a connection by looking into their eyes. Your body will easily recognize a soul that you know, even if the physical form looks different. Sometimes you feel a pull in your heart or stomach, sometimes you get chills, and sometimes your eyes well up and tears just start to flow. The trick is to not think about it, just get out of the way and allow your body to react. I got to experience this first-hand. It truly was amazing. I am still in awe of this experience.

David made arrangements for Molly to come home about a month later. And that is when the story continues. Stay tuned for part 4.

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With blessings and tail wags, Debbie

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