Adopted a Jack Russell terrier

Two years ago, we adopted a 2-year-old Jack Russell terrier, which we were so excited to have him. About 3 weeks into him living with us, he started eating our perfect leather furniture. We tried everything to get him to stop but nothing was working. I was telling a friend of mine, who trains dogs, about what was going on and she highly recommended Debbie to work with him. To be honest, at that point I was ready to try anything.

I called her and spoke with her assistant, which she was so pleasant and understanding, that I was excited to ‘meet’ with Debbie. We scheduled a day and time I would speak with her, and she was amazing. On our call, Debbie also told me some information, about our Boston Terrier, that had passed away a couple month prior, that just floored me as I did not mention anything about her passing!! She was spot on!! She truly is amazing.

She reached out to Max, our dog, and was able to get a better understanding of his issues and background and was able to share them with me. She has also performed a couple Emotional Code sessions, which to be honest, helped him tremendously.

I am not sure how she does this or how it works but I do know that everything she has done and shared with me has been exact and she has worked miracles with Max. Being a Jack Russell, he will always have high anxieties but now they are so much more in check and manageable.

I highly recommend Debbie and all she has to offer regarding assistance with any issues you are having with your pets. From time to time, I reach out to her, and she still helps me with whatever is going on.

My husband and I are so thankful she has been able to help us with Max!!

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