What is Telepathic Communication?

Telepathic communication is the first language of all living beings. It’s our natural ability to sense the thoughts, feelings, images, ideas, and sensations of another being – whether our own or a different species – without the spoken word. This innate ability enables each of us to more fully understand what the other is experiencing in life.

Through telepathic communication, we open to the deepest possible connection with another living being. It is a relationship of heart, soul and spirit. We experience not only a quality of loving compassion and union but also an understanding of, and appreciation for, our animal family members that we may never have imagined possible.

What Does a Telepathic Connection Feel Like?

In a telepathic connection, we feel/know/experience that all living beings are “One”: that we all come from and are of the same spiritual source. The differences we perceive – from person to person or from animal to animal – are only the differences in the way we physically manifest in this world.

In a telepathic connection, we are able to hear an animal speak from the soul. We experience how the animal feels in his/her physical body, understand his/her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We can share in the bigger picture of life as seen from the animal’s perspective.

by Debbie Johnstone, Professional Animal Communicator and Intuitive Consultant
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